Ministry Leaders

Ministers of the Church: All who love and serve in Christ’s name!
Pastor: Rev. David C. Geyer
Director of Music: Gwyneth Michel
Church Secretary: Diana Worley
Custodian: Rodney Rothrock


 Board of Elders

2017 Watchword

“Peace, peace, to the far and near, says the Lord; and I will heal them. ”         Isaiah 57:19

Chair: Rev. David C. Geyer
Vice Chair: Dawn Fenner
Secretary: Donna DiMenichi
Amy DeLong

Sue Gonda
Rick Snyder
Kasey Thomas
Linda Toggart
Sue Youtz

Board of Trustees

2017 Watchword
  ” You have taken up my cause, O Lord, you have redeemed my life. ”                  Lamentations 3:58 

President: Joe Pietkiewicz
Vice President: Rich Harney
Treasurer: Tim Olver
Secretary: Diane Abeles
Shirley Guth
Kim Derby

George Kovalchick
Conrad Perry
Jim Seagreaves

Other Leadership

Church Council President: Jack Thomas
Church Council Secretary: Jamie Hallahan
BAM Church Food Ministry Coordinator: Mark Menges
Cradle Roll: Shirley Guth
Financial Secretary: Diane Abeles
Greeters Coordinator: Joan Duh
Head Sacristans: Bill & Kim Derby
Head Ushers: Ken DiMenichi, Gayle Brinker, Dan Deutsch, Chris Collie
Lay Reader Coordinator: Carol Messina
Northeast Pennsylvania Moravian Mission Society: Sue Youtz
Prayer Chain Coordinator: Joan Menges
Sanctuary Flowers: Ann Marie Fehnel
Sunday Fellowship Hour: Sue Kurtz and Lorna Rossnagle
Sunday School Coordinator: Becky Olver
Shopping Cart Ministry Coordinator: Gloria Reisinger